Retargeting vs Remarketing

One of the hardest jobs in the military is training on how to be a marksman. Snipers are required to be stealthy and accurate. Patience is also a virtue held very highly by this group of professionals. There are stories of snipers spending days tracking a single target. Every bullet needs to count but sometimes these bullets don’t teach the target. It would be every sniper’s dream to have scientists develop a bullet that could be retargeted.

Enough about snipers and bullets. Let’s talk about retargeting when it comes to your business and its online presence. What is retargeting in reference to social media? Retargeting refers to focusing advertising to people who have already engaged with your brand such as visiting specific website pages, social media pages or other digital platforms. You might be asking yourself, why would I need to retarget my marketing?

Why should you use retargeting?

Retargeting is regarded as one of the strongest online marketing strategies. Different companies such as Expedia have used this technique to sell holiday destinations.

It creates top of mind awareness among your target audience because you can reach them when they’re most likely to buy anything online. Retargeting also allows you to customize lists to achieve specific advertising goals. Retargeted marketing has a very wide audience reach when compared to other marketing strategies.

Brands constantly use retargeting to reach out to existing and potential clients. Google, YouTube and Facebook are prime examples of the use of retargeting. You may have noticed that sometimes certain ads only appear when you’re using a specific account. Brands use this technique to advertise to you so that you can always have top of the mind awareness about its products.

What audience can be retargeted?

1. Website Visitors

Facebook and Google allow you to target your communication to people who visit your website or any specific website that you host your content. Retargeting your content to a website will direct people who visit the website regularly or have visited the website before to the website through targeted ads.

Online shoppers sometimes abandon their shopping and using tailored marketing, you can reach people who left items in their online shopping carts.

2. Facebook Fans

Have you had of the phrase, “An investment is an asset”? Well, this is where it comes into play. Your fans on Facebook can add any value to your business. You can easily retarget people on your page using targeted ads. These ads will reach people who have already liked or follow your page.

3. Lookalike Audiences

Facebook has one of the most diverse audiences on social media. Practically all the available demographics are at your disposal to market to. Sometimes, you get users who have similar interests to your already existing users.

Facebook ads allow you to target your marketing communication to these groups of people even if they do not necessarily follow or like your page.

Retargeting is one of the numerous strategies you can use to position your business strategically to create top of mind awareness among your audiences. Next time you’re thinking of a target audience, they might just be among the people who’ve already interacted with your brand.

Would you like to reach out to audiences almost forgetting about you? Let’s talk.

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