Because there’s no greater love than self love

It’s Valentines Day. Every restaurant you go to has an offer for couples. Even your dingy local has adapted the red pigment and every bottle of beer comes with a rose plucked from the garden by the fence. You’re seated at the corner table all alone with nobody to laugh at your corny jokes but the staff member serving you and the butcher, who’s probably laughing at you.

What happens to all the single people who had to endure a dry January only to be betrayed by the shortest month of the year? Who will show you love and shower you with cheap gifts because it’s the month of love? Well, we don’t have any significant others to dish out this time but one thing we can definitely give is advice.
What can you do as a single person on a day that is specifically set aside to sideline you and intentionally make you sombre every time you see red? So, we’ve come up with a few things you can possibly do as a single individual on Valentines. Who needs love when you can love yourself? Ok, you probably need some love but you still need something to keep you busy.


Watch Shameless
There’s nothing better to take your mind off this day like a good series. You probably won’t finish the whole set but what’s the hurry? Unlike a Valentines date, Shameless has six seasons and doesn’t restrict you to showing any of them love on any particular day. Shameless loves you no matter the day and doesn’t get pissed when you flip the channel to catch some news or don’t laugh at a joke you didn’t get.
In fact, Shameless is the most understanding partner you can get. It doesn’t refuse to play because you were tired and dozed off on it or had to pause it to catch up with the fire Whatsapp group chat. Who doesn’t want shameless? And furthermore, the date is cheap; you don’t even have to impress it with a clean house or cook for it.
Get Shameless; there’s no shame in receiving when everybody is giving.


Don’t watch football
I know this is probably blasphemy in the football world and I may get banished from any meaningful conversation but today is all about you. One way to avoid any further low moments is by avoiding football and especially if you’re a fan of either Arsenal or Manchester United.
The reason is simple. With their lukewarm performances this season, these two teams can end up making your weekend more miserable than any form of Sportspesa betting stands to cause for you and your finances. As a Chelsea or Liverpool fan you can take the risk because you probably have low expectations for your team and a loss would be normal whereas a win would be morale boosting.
To play safe, just avoid Supersport and watch Nat Geo or something and learn why mosquitoes prefer blood group O or why your cat doesn’t know its name.


Do any form of charity
Take part in building your community. There are various activities you can get involved in that will take your mind off Valentines. You can get involved in activities aimed at helping kids or if you’re an animal lover, you can find time and spend time with some cats and dogs. Animals are very loving when treated right.
A cat may be a bit moody when you fail to show up on time but a dog will always be excited to see you. A dog will always be excited to eat the same meal everyday and will even act surprised when you throw in an extra treat; of the same meal. I’m not sure whether chicken can be classified as pets but what I’m certain of is that they will definitely come through during the hard times.


Call on your parents
The people that don’t get the most love on a day meant to share love are parents. If you don’t live with your folks and they’re probably retired, living out boss lives in the suburbs otherwise known as the village; you need to call them. Sometimes it’s the small things that count in life and you can make the move this year.
A parent isn’t necessarily the person that raised you but anyone you look up and respect as an elder. It may not mean much to you picking up that expensive phone but it would mean the world to the person you are calling. So go to the shop, load a bamba 20 and talk away. It’s healthy.


With these expert tips you’ll be sure to enjoy your Valentines as a lone ranger. Key word of advice though, do not take the dogs home because the love they’ll show you will most likely overwhelm you and no human being can fill those paws. Have a splendid Valentines Day and maybe next year you’ll be sharing this article with someone else.

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