A life for another

If you had a choice of saving a life, would you do it? Not just any life, but the only surviving species. Well, believe it not, I was presented with that opportunity. On a chilly Nairobi night I was curled up on my bed running my fingers through what had become my best friend, Facebook.

Out of the blue (my phone’s name is Blue), I saw the goriest photo I had ever come across. It looked like a scene straight out of SAW with a bit of collaboration from the Exorcism of Emily Rose. A tree stood erect, surrounded by its befallen kin. All chopped and saw dust pooled around their cold lifeless trunks.

The note left by the perpetrators of the genocide read, “A copywriter or the tree gets it.” I was torn between being a hero and caving in to the demands of the vile people. It was a struggle I had been through before and I had to make a choice between life and death. I chose life.

I took out my trusted computer and sent out an invitation for a duel, my life or the tree’s. It was a choice that had to be made and who better than a copywriter. My challengers set a date for a duel and there’s was nothing I looked forward to more than a victory. A victory that wasn’t for my past losses but for the tree that had given me a glimpse of perfection.

On the day of the duel, I donned the attire of all renowned copywriters. A pair of loafers, multi-colored socks, blue jeans, a black shirt, blazer, a notebook and a pen. I was ready to write my last words and leave the battle field scattered with ink and graphite. Leading up to the duel, I had one thing in mind, whichever way this goes; I’m a hero in the eyes of that tree.

The battle field was set; Nairobi Garage was the venue, my nemesis? I would find out later. I walked in and was pointed to the individuals charged with the role of making my name stand out or fade out. The duel was probably the most grueling duel I had. As opposed to a one on one duel, I was subjected to a two-on –one but I was prepared for any tricks.

My challengers were Sven Verleyen, the Strategist and Maureen Kanyi, the CEO. True to my prediction, they were brutal. They presented me with a set of photos and I had to slay those photos with creative copy. All this while, Kip, the head honcho behind the gruesome photo, held a saw standing next to the tree.

I summoned all my creative juices and my last copy was, “If you had one shot at life, it’d be in a glass.” This was in reference to a visual of whiskey in a glass with a Jameson logo at the bottom right corner. I thought that was the end of it, but no. They were just getting started. To finish me off, Maureen offered me home made cupcakes. They way to a copywriter’s words is through good taste.

I put my last words on screen and walked out of the duel, bruised and battered but alive. A day later, I got the call, “After careful deliberation by the judges, the tree is safe.” That was the beginning of my campaign as copywriter at Sironka.

Now I am seated with my challengers fighting towards a common goal; revolutionizing online marketing. I never thought this would be possible but it’s happening as I type. We have come together to give brands an online experience they’ve never experienced before. Now I’m Sironka, purely creative.

Edward “Son of a Rant” Oyugi

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